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How big a problem is food waste?

Thursday 9th May 2024

Recorra breaks down the issue of food waste for your business.

Are flexible plastics recyclable? Recorra answers your questions about plastic recycling

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Why are flexible plastics hard to recycle? Are plastic bags flexible plastic? Which plastic cannot be recycled? Is flexible plastic packaging recyclable?

Recorra’s International Women’s Day 2024

Friday 8th March 2024

Women in Waste: Recorra celebrate International Women’s Day 2024

Beyond Numbers: Why sustainability reporting is essential for green business models

Monday 19th February 2024

Sustainability reporting is critical to measuring sustainability performance, sharing sustainability impacts and understanding how sustainability can create value for stakeholders.

Recorra’s tips for a more sustainable Valentine’s Day

Tuesday 6th February 2024

How to reduce your carbon footprint on the most romantic day of the year.

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