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What do you know about Armadillo's?

Sunday 30th June 2013

So, last week we went to the zoo and met Marian the Armadillo so I felt it would be appropriate to give you some facts about Armadillo’s.

What you find in bins

Wednesday 26th June 2013

Is your recycling explosive? Staff from Essex council found a “recycled” live hand grenade in a Basildon recycling bin. That’s not the first time either – they’ve also found ammunition, firearms, distress flares and mortar shells. In 2011, Enfield council gave reports of oil paintings, sex toys and dead pets being placed in recycling bins. Someone even put their plastic Christmas tree in an organic waste bin (perhaps it was extremely lifelike?!). These things got me thinking, what’s the strangest thing we’ve had in our recycling bins?

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