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15 things you’ve definitely thought whilst trying to be green

Wednesday 27th August 2014

We all know we should try and lead a green life style and make an effort with preserving the environment but there are certain things you just can’t seem to avoid…

Alternative free ways to recycle

Wednesday 20th August 2014

There are some bits of rubbish that it is almost impossible to avoid generating; biscuit packets being a prime example in virtually any home or office. Increasingly popular, are coffee machines that use little pods of coffee which when spent will normally be put into the general waste bin. But isn’t there a better way of handling the waste arising from these modern luxuries?

Recycling on Holiday

Wednesday 13th August 2014

So you’re on holiday, a break from day to day life. No dishes, no cleaning and… no recycling? Woah, did I just say that?! When we’re on holiday it’s a chance to forget about the mundane day to day tasks, but what about recycling? We don’t stop producing waste just because we’ve gone on holiday but if you’re staying in a self catering place should it be your responsibility to learn how the local recycling scheme works or deliver it yourself to the nearest set of recycling banks?

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