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Leave Trees Standing with Closed Loop Paper

Thursday 26th March 2015

For those not in the loop, waste products needn’t be shoveled into incinerators. You can save money and the environment by closing the loop on your paper supplies and turning the old back into the new. It’s the way towards a fully sustainable future and the best thing about it is you don’t have to do anything at all.

How MCS Makes Managing Your Print Needs Easy and Cost-Effective

Thursday 19th March 2015

Managing your print services has always been a drain on business’ time and money, but a new, management model has emerged that promises to take the pain away. We’ve all been there, searching desperately for that lost toner, taking pliers to an impossible paper jam and cursing the day we signed a 5-year contract for a printer that’s too small, too old, or just too plain useless. Now, thousands of businesses across the UK are embracing Managed Consumables Supply (MCS). This next-gen service offers businesses of any size the ability to save both time and money by putting all you print needs in one place and managing them automatically.

A Visit to Lark Hall Primary School

Wednesday 11th March 2015

We visit Springboard supported school Lark Hall to see their work first hand supported by Paper Round clients

Running a Successful Green Team

Wednesday 4th March 2015

Recently, we held our first knowledge swap of the year. We were looking at green teams and how they can be successful.

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