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How ergonomics is changing the way we work

Monday 29th June 2015

‘Ergonomics’, the study of people's efficiency in their working environment, has become an everyday word.

Recycling at Home

Thursday 25th June 2015

This week is Recycling Week and the theme is “recycling around the home”. At Paper Round we specialise in recycling around the work place, but that’s not to say our same basic recycling practices don’t apply at home too.

The Big Freeze – How Reducing Your Food Waste Is The Answer To Saving Money

Wednesday 17th June 2015

A while ago, we spotted an infographic on Twitter of some helpful tips on what you can and can't freeze. Now, we've got some more info for you from the makers of the graphic

When Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Wednesday 10th June 2015

Maintaining a clean workplace is essential. Not only does it ward off germs and keep illness and disease at bay, it also inspires confidence in your company’s professionalism. These days, there seems to be a different cleaning product for every surface you can think of. They all promise powerful cleaning without the elbow grease, but before you stock up, consider this

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