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Trash in, Cash Out: Improving Recycling Through Deposit Return Schemes

Monday 30th October 2023

The UK waste sector is undergoing substantive reform over the next few years. This introduces the introduction of a scheme aimed at reducing litter and raising recycling rates. In the third of our blog post series on upcoming legislative changes, we explore Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) and what this means for the waste industry and for Recorra customers.

Weighing In on Waste: How SmartWeigh is Changing the Waste Management Game

Tuesday 24th October 2023

An app-based weighing solution to measure building occupier waste & recycling output, with exclusive patent-pending technology, developed to save time and money.

Shifting the Burden: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) holds producers responsible

Tuesday 24th October 2023

In the second of our series of legislative change blogs, we explore the topic of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR for short) and what this will mean for your business. So, let’s dive in……

Legislative Labyrinth: what you need to know about upcoming waste regulation changes

Monday 16th October 2023

Recorra break down changing waste regulations for UK businesses.

The Wheels of Change: E-Bike Recycling Collections

Wednesday 16th August 2023

This month we launched our new e-bike scheme! Recorra are once again developing innovative solutions to complex challenges, with our zero emission operation running in London and Brighton.

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