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Wednesday 27th August 2014

We all know we should try and lead a green life style and make an effort with preserving the environment but there are certain things you just can’t seem to avoid…

1. Yes, I’ll have another plastic bag because I’ve left my pile of reusable ones at home, again.

2. Which bin does this go in?

3. What is this made of?

4. Well what type of plastic is the lid? Can I recycle the lid?

5. Sod it, I’ll put this in the recycling bin and hope for the best.

6 Why is this so complicated?

7. Well, it’s brown paper with a plastic window – do I put that in cardboard, paper or plastic?

8. Feeling guilty for putting something in the rubbish bin whilst you’re out and about.

9. Judging your neighbours’ by their recycling efforts.

10. Am I supposed to use a clear bag for this bin, or a black one?

11. Well, if the council wants me to recycle why put so many rubbish bins everywhere?

12. Why has this item been rejected?

13. Going to a friend’s house who lives in a different area: I do not have a clue which bin my copy of the Metro should go in.

14. Not being able to recycle blister packs.

15. Feeling guilty for having a coffee in a takeaway cup that can’t be reused or recycled.

But just remember, if you’ve thought any one of these things you’re at least thinking about the environment which is a step in the right direction!

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