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Thursday 6th March 2014

So it’s Climate Week this week. We’re well known for being an environmentally friendly waste management organisation but what about our internal practices? Being Climate Week, We felt it was high time to look into what we do and what we can do better to help the environment.

Firstly, at our yard in Purfleet, Essex we use Good Energy as our energy supplier. Their electricity comes from local, natural sources. For example sunshine, wind and rain. They created England’s first wind farm in Delabole, Cornwall back in 1991. The farm produces enough energy to power 5,700 homes using just 4 turbines which have a capacity of 9.2MW.

As an office we get through a lot of tea and coffee so we choose to buy Fair Trade and eco products wherever possible. For example, all of the cleaning products we use come from the Ecover range. They smell lovely, are good for your skin and most importantly help towards creating a sustainable planet.

Finally, all businesses use a lot of paper so we always try and print onto scrap paper. Failing this, we use scrap paper to make up notebooks for all those little things you need to write down throughout the day.

We’d love to hear the things that you get up to, let us know via our social media channels:

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