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Wednesday 4th April 2018

Mr Dave Hayler retired from Recorra Brighton this week with 24 years of service to his name. Dave was warmly welcomed into Magpie Recycling back in January 1994 and felt so at home he stuck with the operation through its transition to Brighton Paper Round in 2011, until retirement age today. 

Dave leaves an impressive record of sorting around 1 million sacks for our customers across 1,128 working weeks. In doing so he’s contributed to the recycling of around 250,000 trees worth of paper - amongst countless other recycling statistics. He has certainly done his bit for the environment. Dave has been a staple character around the depot throughout his service and his easy charm will be greatly missed. 

Thank you, Dave, for all your hard work and commitment. We all wish you a happy retirement, you’ve earned it! 

Darren Hedges

Certifications and Memberships