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Monday 27th November 2023

Accurate waste data provides insights into patterns, trends, and potential inefficiencies of the waste management process at any given site. This valuable data enables businesses to implement targeted strategies, reduce waste generation, enhance overall efficiency and boost recycling. However, across the industry, inaccurate data, reliance on ‘average bin weights’, and outdated systems have collectively rendered it difficult to attain a comprehensive understanding of waste and its far-reaching impact.

At Recorra we have always understood the importance of detailed, accurate and analytical waste reporting to help businesses make better decisions when managing their waste.

Recorra's brand new customer portal

This is we’ve been providing our customers with real waste weights from our collection vehicles for over a decade. Last year, we also launched our brand new reporting portal to help empowering our customers to go beyond standard waste reports and provide adaptable and comparative reporting to suit the needs of any site. But we’re not stopping there, our waste reporting portal is going even further.

Upgrades to our waste reporting portal

We’ve upgraded our portal to gives our customers more features and flexibility to analyse waste data more comprehensively than ever before. New features available to all Recorra customers include:

  • Reporting on the largest quantity of material type, e.g. paper or plastic, collected over a single period
  • Line graphs available for people who prefer a line format
  • Service success targets, and whether they have been met or exceeded over a certain time period
  • A new material trends tab, allowing customers to dig down into each material type to see how changes over time

Customers paying for our Carbon Reporting tool will also be able to view their scope 3 carbon emissions and net avoided emissions. Likewise, customers who receive electric vehicle collections will be able to see the percentage of emissions-free collections they have had during that period.

Watch our full guide to the changes here.

Recorra reporting portal in action

Occupier Waste Data

The latest upgrade to our portal is the new occupier data reporting, where we analyse and report on waste from each occupier/floor within a building or site. This new feature will give Building Managers the most complete view of the waste generation within their building. We’re excited to provide opportunities for Building Managers to tackle waste and recycling issues at the source. Customers who provide Recorra with occupier/floor data will have access to:

  • Occupier/floor waste and recycling data
  • Analysis of occupier output
  • Comparing occupier data in a league table format
  • Exploration of recycling output trends
  • Evaluation of recycling rates against industry average

Customers can manually provide this data to Recorra or, through our SmartWeigh technology, their data can be sent automatically to Recorra. Currently, these features are only available to building managers, but if there is enough demand, Recorra will aim to expand access to individual occupiers themselves in future updates. Customers who have previously provided us with their waste data can also access retroactive analysis, going back to May 2023.

Ready to get going? Our portal was upgraded on 1st November, so customers can jump right into using these new features to improve their waste handling with October’s data.

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