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Thursday 19th March 2015

Managing your print services has always been a drain on business’ time and money, but a new, management model has emerged that promises to take the pain away.

We’ve all been there, searching desperately for that lost toner, taking pliers to an impossible paper jam and cursing the day we signed a 5-year contract for a printer that’s too small, too old, or just too plain useless. Now, thousands of businesses across the UK are embracing Managed Consumables Supply (MCS). This next-gen service offers businesses of any size the ability to save both time and money by putting all you print needs in one place and managing them automatically.


MCS uses powerful software to ensure your print needs are met as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, meaning you never have to worry about orders again. And, like all our services at Paper Round, it’s eco-friendly too.

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What Will MCS Do for You?

Save Time

Don’t waste precious time ordering toner. MCS negates the hassle of monitoring, maintaining, servicing and supplying your printers’ consumables. It even knows when your printers are running low on ink and orders on your behalf.

Save Money

This flexible service helps you manage your entire print environment regardless of manufacturer. With a single tool for control and accountability, it will help you ensure you get the best deal on the market.

Save the Environment

Because all our consumables are delivered from a single fleet, we can manage our road miles to effectively reduce both the cost and carbon footprint of your print needs. MCS is quick, easy and highly effective.

A Secure & Managed Future

With access to the full PrintFleet Vision™ your printer is hosted in a secure environment, ensuring that your private information stays private even when your printers are taken away.

Comprehensive reports let you understand your print needs and manage your consumables in advance. The MCS offering also lets you receive special alerts based on specific triggers and thresholds. This makes it easy to keep on top of what you need when you need it. By tailoring the service you can ensure you’re never caught short of essential consumables.

These alerts also help you pre-empt technical problems, avoiding the cost of calling out technicians. Taking the service one step further, businesses can use MCS to act as a consulting tool to reallocate, consolidate, replace or retire devices. This is great because

A Simple Step to a Simple Service

MCS can seem a little baffling, but the technology behind it makes business life much simpler. Companies that embrace this technology don’t need to worry about managing their print needs through multiple sources – and because much of the service is automated MCS keeps things running in the background. This leaves staff more time to take care of the important stuff.

Because the MCS service is easily scalable no further bandwidth and hardware are required, making the whole set-up process hassle free and quick.

Get started by picking up the phone. Call 01432 344499 and see if you can benefit from MCS.

Did you know…

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