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Friday 8th November 2013

We’re excited to announce that we are using a new hybrid vehicle for making collections for Inmidtown Business Improvement District (or BID). This means that the impact of our collections on London’s air quality is reduced. BIDs are working all over the UK to help businesses in their districts to improve their environmental impact and reduce costs by buying services as a group. Inmidtown sought Paper Round’s services, to reduce the number of waste collectors operating in the Holborn area of central London and they wanted to take their work even further with the introduction of a new hybrid vehicle to carry out collections.

Inmidtown’s fantastic new hybrid vehicle is used for daily collections of mixed recycling, general waste and food waste for the area’s businesses. The vehicle never operates empty and also delivers closed-loop stationery orders, bags and bins on the inbound journey.

The trucks battery is charged on its journey into London, so whilst doing collections, it is able to run off of the power generated on the journey into town.

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