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Friday 24th March 2023


Scrummi towels are single-use industrially compostable towels used in hair salons and spas alike. Preferred for their ease-of-use and hygiene, they are favoured amongst hairdressers and therapeutic practitioners. They are made from wood pulp, making them fully compostable in the right conditions. 

What’s more, the company is certified B-Corp with all towels manufactured in Europe under strict environmental quality standards including ISO:14001 and European Eco Flower. Scrummi waffle towels also conform to international standard EN13432 for compostability and will compostable in an anaerobic environment in about 100 days.

Scrummi towels on a shelf

Scrummi towels

Our partnership

Ensuring that these compostable towels receive the right end of treatment for maximum environmental benefit is essential. This is where Recorra comes in to deliver Real Recycling. We have partnered with Scrummi to provide you with a circular solution for these items. We now offer a bespoke service where we collect from the kerbside, it allows the towels to be recycled.

How are your towels recycled?

Once we collect the towels, and sort through them at our facility, they are then transported to our partner EnVar in Cambridgeshire. There the towels are decomposed via anaerobic digestion.

This is a process by which micro-organisms break down material, such as compostable towels or packaging, in the absence of oxygen. The decomposition process for towels takes around 14 weeks from start to end and results in compost, which is spread on surrounding farmland. Used in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping, the compost provides soil with a slow release of vital nutrients and improves soil structure, reducing flood risk.

What happens to your Scrummi compostable towels

Join us

Are you a small business that uses Scrummi? Get in touch with our friendly helpdesk team who will help you to set up flexible collections to suit your needs. Contact us on 020 7407 9100 or

Aneira Pontin

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