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Wednesday 1st July 2015

With all this lovely weather, I know a lot of us are staring wistfully out of the windows, dreaming of our gardens or the seaside. Sweltering offices don’t make for a positive working environment, so what can you do to keep cool?

If, like us, you don’t have air conditioning, open as many windows as you can. If you’ve got them at either end of your office, you can create a nice breeze. But with a breeze comes the trouble of keeping the windows open. We’ve repurposed a bag, a bin and a box to keep ours open!

Keep a bottle of water with you and fill it up whenever you can. Rather than buying bottles from the shops, treat yourself to a water bottle and set a goal for the day of how many times you want to finish it off. Buzzfeed also has a great list of interesting ways to stay hydrated. You could have a competition in the office for who can drink the most water: winner gets an ice lolly (just make sure everyone has the same size glass so there’s no cheating!)

Finally, desk top fans! Paper Round Stationery has a great range including desk, floor-standing and high velocity fans at very reasonable prices from £15.99 for a clip fan to only £58.99 for a high velocity one. To get the most out of them, place them beside a window. That way you’re drawing in air from outside rather than just circulating stagnant air inside. To find out more, or order yourself some fans, just email or call 0845 838 8743 and quote “keep me cool”.

P.S. Sorry for jumping on the heatwave band wagon, we just couldn’t resist!

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