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Tuesday 3rd August 2021

This week we’re announcing our final two commitments – (1) to provide data to facilitate our clients net zero journeys and (2) to use this insight to consult with clients on account-based plans and employee behaviour change programmes.

SustainABLE Pathway is our journey and commitment to net zero as a company and the methodology we use to help our clients achieve their own carbon reduction objectives. Read more about our campaign here.

Let’s start off with commitment 9 – to provide data to facilitate our clients net zero journeys.

Commitment number 9

To support our clients with their own journeys, we wanted to provide a reporting option to measure and present the impact that their waste and recycling service has on the planet.

So, over the last few months our team have been VERY busy, analysing, and collating lots of complicated carbon data and finally we’re pleased to announce that our hard work has paid off…

Introducing... Carbon Reduction Reporting

Based upon the Greenhouse Gas Protocol reporting methodology, our new reporting option allows customers to identify their Scope 3 emissions for their own carbon reporting requirements.

It also goes further and demonstrates the benefits of their recycling efforts, by also showing the ‘avoided carbon emissions’. When materials are recycled, they can be used again, and this avoids the need to produce new virgin materials, thereby saving significant carbon emissions.

For example, Zero Waste Scotland research shows that 1.8 tonnes of CO2e is released into the atmosphere for every tonne of plastic incinerated at an energy-from-waste facility. Compare this to recycling 1 tonne of plastic, which avoids nearly 1 tonne of emissions by avoiding production of new virgin materials. A significantly different outcome.

Benefits of our unique reporting

  • Our innovative new report helps customers identify their carbon impact relating to waste and recycling and the data can be used in their carbon footprint scope 3 reporting
  • It identifies the carbon benefits of moving away from general waste and pushing towards greater recycling.
  • It provides customers with the data to offset their waste and recycling collections emissions. This can be facilitated through us with our offsetting scheme with Trees for Cities.

Our new reporting system is a step change in helping to achieve net zero and real carbon reductions. It provides accurate and real-life data to assist our clients on their journeys.

But it doesn’t stop there...

Introducing our final commitment of our SustainABLE Pathway.

To use this insight to consult with clients on opportunities to reduce their scope 3 emissions

Commitment number 10

We commit to using our newly created reporting systems to help our clients create best practice recycling systems.

  • First, we’ll use the data to identify where improvements could be made on an account-by-account basis. We will show customers exactly how they can make carbon savings, for example source separating paper or removing food waste contamination.
  • And secondly, the carbon data will provide tangible evidence of the benefits of recycling. We all know that recycling is good for the planet, but for the first time, we can actually show our customers using data. This in turn will help with staff engagement, showing them that small changes can have a big impact.

Combined, these commitments will allow us to help our customers achieve the ultimate recycling schemes at their building – showcasing their absolute commitment to the climate crisis. They’ll be equipped with best data and insight into their waste and recycling schemes and the know-how to engage their staff to perform better in the future.

To find out more about our carbon reporting please contact us on or on 020 7407 9100 and we can arrange a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Jessica Parrilla

Certifications and Memberships