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Monday 21st September 2020

This Recycle Week we’ve made some bold changes to help improve the quality of workplace recycling – a key driver for the circular economy.

To support our new name for mixed recycling- Paper, Cans & Plastic Containers- we’ve updated our entire suite of recycling posters. Getting fresh posters in place as tenants return to work is a great way to nudge them towards better recycling habits.

A sample of our new posters

Here are a few things you need to know about effective recycling posters and why we’ve made these changes

1. Keep it simple

    According to research, we take 1-2 seconds to read a poster. So it's vital that information is clear and to the point; that your key message is the headline. 

    2. We’ve made our headlines bigger and bolder

    Our new posters say exactly what should go into the bin in the headline. We have removed our ‘yes please’ section and for those that spend longer at the bin, we’ve included a simplified ‘no thanks’ section which uses icons for further clarification. 

    3. Colour-coding

    It’s recycling best practice to keep colours consistent. Since 2015, we’ve colour coded all our posters, sacks, bins, and signage in line with WRAP’s national recycling colour scheme. Our new suite of posters continue to represent the WRAP’s national recycling scheme colours. All your posters, sacks, bins, and signage should match for best engagement. 

    4. Consistency is key

    To avoid confusion, make sure all your posters match across your buildings so all tenants are familiar with their recycling scheme.  Our posters are consistent in design and colour, so they are easily recognisable to your tenants. 

    Next steps

    What better time to refresh your recycling scheme than when buildings are at lower occupancy levels? We encourage you to update posters before your tenants return to work.

      Jessica Parrilla

      Certifications and Memberships