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Monday 31st October 2022

We are now Recorra, this new name has been introduced to reflect our commitment to positive change. Our new name allows us to innovate faster and serve our customers better. In the coming months you will see a series of initiatives designed to improve your recycling outcomes.

Importantly though, our team and the values that drive us will not change. We are proud of our independence; it allows us to focus on delivering Real Recycling.

Image: Recorra

What does Recorra mean?

‘Re’ stands for recycle, ‘eco’ for our commitment to sustainability and ‘rra’ from terra, the Latin for earth. This new name will appear on both our communication and all invoices from us.

For us, real recycling encompasses:

Recycling excellence

We implement best practice recycling to improve your recycling rates. Recorra champions source separation and offers over 35 waste streams. Offering innovative services and specialist material collections such as coffee cups, compostables and hard to recycle plastics.

Service reliability

Previously known as Paper Round, we have more than 30 years' experience collecting recycling in London and the South East. Our careful route planning and excellent customer service team keep you up-to-date with your collections. We deliver tailored, consistent services you can trust.


Our easy-to-use portal makes it simple to monitor your environmental performance, providing access to all your waste and recycling data. These data sets include: the Co2 saved by recycling, meals donated to Fareshare and your overall recycling rate. With all materials kept within the UK and Northern Europe, we have transparent, reputable supply-chains. Giving you peace of mind that your waste is being dealt with responsibly. Check out the journey your recycling and waste goes on here:

Committed to beyond net-zero by 2030, Recorra is championing responsible practice. From transitioning our vehicles to electric, to running our facilities on renewable energy, we are enacting change on a large scale. 

Expert engagement

Recorra provides best-in-class engagement. Our brilliant sustainability team assist clients, like you, to achieve their sustainability goals and boost their recycling rates. We provide a range of best-in-class training and bespoke solutions such as: on-site events , comprehensive recycling improvement plans and MRF tours. We work with your staff and tenants to improve your company's recycling rates and environmental credentials through behavior change.

Circular economy solutions

Providing circular economy solutions via our Office Supplies service, which allows customers to buy back their waste as sustainable products, such as recycled paper and uniforms. Through this, we deliver the benefits from the circular-economy, such as lower carbon emissions.

Our web store now also leads with the most sustainable products allowing you to make better buying decisions, easily. What’s more, we’re fully transparent – we tell you exactly why a product meets our criteria. We are the first office supplies company in London delivering via cargo bike, further reducing your carbon footprint.

Carbon reduction

Committed to net-zero by 2030, Recorra is championing carbon reduction. From transitioning to electric vehicles, to running our facilities on renewable energy, we are reducing the carbon footprint associated with your waste & recycling. Read all about our commitments and our SustainABLE pathway here.

Image: Fareshare Sussex

Social impact

Social value is at the core of our business, both with our customers, internally and across the communities we serve. Beginning life as a Friends of the Earth project to prove the viability of source separated recycling, giving back has always been integral to the way we do business. For example, for every food collection, we donate a meal to a vulnerable person through our charity partner, FareShare. These actions have real impact. To date we have provided more than 225,000 meals and donated a more than £330,000 to our charity partners and continue to develop meaningful partnerships.

With our new name we look forward to this new chapter in the company’s journey. We are one company, with one new name delivering Real Recycling for all our customers.

Interested in upgrading your environmental credentials with our recycling service? Make an online enquiry now.

Aneira Pontin

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