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Monday 20th September 2021

In our previous blog, we explored what Recycle Week is, why it's not to be missed and our agenda for the week. Check it out so you don't miss a thing

The fundamentals

Now that you're clued up about what’s on the horizon, it’s time to get cracking on the fundamentals of recycling to #StepItUp. Whether you’re a novice, or an experienced recycler, taking stock and checking the basics is important, as we can all get caught out from time to time.

Top tips

  • Using recycling stations can improve recycling rates by up to 30%. They help staff to think before they dispose and provides them with all recycling options
  • We recommend removing bins from individual desks as they encourage the unconscious disposal of waste, resulting in decreased separation of materials and therefore lower recycling rates. This also has an economic benefit, as removal of personal bins reduces cleaning costs
  • According to research, we take 1-2 seconds to read a poster - so it’s vital that recycling signage is clear, consistent and correct
  • Signage should contain images as visual aids to facilitate quick understanding
  • Colour coding your sacks, bins and signage is a simple way to increase understanding and engagement for maximum impact
  • We recommend using WRAPs colour coded system for greater impact and engagement as it’s widely used in and out of the office
  • The number and layout of bins will depend on space you have. We recommend 1 bin for every 15 people to ensure that the correct bin is never too far away
  • Having too many general waste bins can discourage recycling. According to WRAP, on average 70% of office waste is recyclable, therefore only 30% of your bins should be intended for general waste
  • Paper bins are best near desks and food caddies should be located in your office kitchen

Being armed with the correct information, however basic, is the foundation of becoming a better recycler. These tips have been tried and tested over 30 years with our clients, and we know they will revolutionise your recycling efforts too.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts, where we will be dishing out more recycling information and tips. Watch this space!

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Hattie Lindsey

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