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Wednesday 12th June 2024

In October 2023, the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) unveiled reforms to bin collections, known as ‘Simpler Recycling’. Whilst these reforms aim to standardise and enhance recycling and waste collection for both households and businesses – effectively, making them more simple – we know that, for many, they can seem like anything but. It can be a minefield knowing what to put in each bin. That’s where we come in. 

It’s our job to make Simpler Recycling, well, simple, for businesses. We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below to help you understand how the upcoming legislative changes may impact your business, and what Recorra can do to help.

Pile of unflattened cardboard boxes


What are the main changes for businesses? 

  1. Dry recyclables must be collected; paper, card, rigid plastics, cartons, glass, and metals, will all be included in this stream. 
  2. Food waste collections will be mandatory.

What are the main changes for businesses? 

The rules above will come into force on 31st March 2025. 

However, there are staggered deadlines to create a smooth transition to the new system.

For this reason, plastic film recycling will be mandatory from 31st March 2027.

    Why are the changes being introduced? 

    1. Improve recycling rates: the government aims to achieve 65% recycling by 2035. 
    2. Simplify waste management: to ensure that the same materials can be recycled everywhere, by allowing people to recycle the same set of core materials wherever they are.
    3. Easier compliance: straightforward recycling guidelines make it easier for businesses to comply with legal disposal and recycling practices. This reduces the likelihood of illegal dumping and other forms of waste crime.

      How will the reforms affect my business?

      Businesses will need to arrange for the collection and recycling of all food waste, glass, metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard they produce by licensed waste carriers. These arrangements must be place by 31st March 2025.

          What does this mean for Recorra customers?

          Businesses will have to adhere to these changes to remain compliant with government legislation.

          1. Mixed Recycling
            Cartons will now be included in the Mixed Recycling stream. This means our customers will need to adjust their recycling practices to recycle cartons and mixed recycling correctly.
          2. Food Waste
            For customers who currently do not have food waste collection, it will now be mandatory to set this up.
          3. Glass
            While the government stipulates that glass can be included in mixed recycling, Recorra segregates this waste stream as company practice. Therefore, customers who generate glass will be required to set up separate glass collections to remain compliant with the new regulations. This ensures that we handle glass recycling in accordance with our company standards and widely recognised best practice for this material type.

            Assortment of glass containers ready to be recycled

            How we can help

            Whilst changes to legislation can be confusing, many of you will already be compliant. For those who aren’t, Recorra are here to help our customers navigate the changes smoothly.

            Mixed Recycling
            We collect your mixed recycling via wheeled bins or kerbside sacks, including paper, cans, rigid plastics, and cartons. Our updated colour-coded posters are designed to make it easier for customers to recycle properly and avoid contamination.

              Download and print them today.

              Food Waste
              We offer pre-paid sack collections from the kerbside for customers with less storage space, or wheeled bins for businesses with larger volumes of food waste. We can empty your wheeled bins or exchange them. 

              We also offer worktop caddies for in-office stations, which can be stored in a larger bin, sack, or caddy for collection (to avoid the plight of the urban foxes!). You can purchase food waste containers form our office supplies website.

              Click here to find out about our food waste services. 

              We collect glass via glass crates, wheeled bins, or pre-paid sack collections for customers with less storage space. Wheeled bins are ideal for storing glass safely in external areas. 

              Download our updated posters here!

              Read about our glass recycling services here.

              Get in touch with our helpdesk today to set-up any of these services

                Recorra staff member picking rubbish from a sorting line at our MRF

                By March 31st 2025, businesses and households will benefit from consistent recycling rules, regular food waste collections. These changes are designed to improve recycling rates, simplify waste management, and promote sustainable practices across the country. As businesses adapt to these new regulations, they will play a crucial role in achieving the national recycling target of 65% by 2035, contributing to a more circular UK economy.

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