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Friday 28th May 2021

With Covid-19 officially on the backburner, the climate crisis is now very much back on the agenda. More of us are now trying to do our bit for the environment, helping to curb greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero ambitions set out by the government and quite possibly now by your own organisation.  

But despite our best efforts, there are still several items out there which don’t fit into any standard suite of recycling streams. Items include tricky plastics like film, crisp packets and stationery for example, or combination materials like coffee pods. Sadly, without a proper recycling bin for these streams, they often end up in general waste and sent for energy recovery or landfill. This is not the best use of their value, or good for the planet.  

So, what happens when you’ve already made the most of our full range of recycling services, but you still find materials around your office that don’t fit into those groups?

Think... Circular Box!

For all you recycling aficionados out there, we've launched Circular Box. Created to capture all your hard-to-recycle items, we'll give them a new life by recycling them using our network of trusted and vetted service partners. 

Our service is unique... 

  • We'll do the hard work for you - we'll send you a box and material stickers, then collect directly from your workplace or allocated pick up point, making our service convenient to use
  • No smoke and mirrors - we'll tell you where your materials end up and what their new life looks like. You can even buy back some of these materials in a closed loop!
  • Circular Box helps you do your bit for the planet - increasing your recycling rates and reducing your general waste production. It also helps to lower your carbon emissions, by diverting tricky plastics from energy-from-waste. 

What goes in the Circular Box?

We have a growing list of materials that can go in Circular Box:

  • Coffee pods (plastic and aluminium)
  • Crisp packets 
  • Snack wrappers 
  • PPE 
  • Stationery 
  • Cup lids 
  • Plastic toiletries 
  • Plastic film 
  • Print cartridges

Can't see a material you want to recycle? Contact us to find out if we can help. 

What happens to your materials?

Behind the scenes we've been busy liaising with several re-processors around the country to find the perfect partners to recycle with. We won't settle for anything but the best. 

For example:

  • Tricky plastics like film, crisp packets and cup lids will be transformed into a weather proof and recyclable alternative to plywood. Useful in buildings and construction, you can buy this material back from us in a closed loop to use in your own building
  • Coffee capsules will be split into their component parts - the metal recycled and the coffee grounds sent for anaerobic digestion

So, what are you waiting for?

All businesses, big or small will create tricky materials without a home. We all need to play our part in reducing emissions and increasing recycling rates to overcome the climate crisis. And Circular Box will help you do just that. 

Contact us today to order your first Circular Box. 

Jessica Parrilla

Certifications and Memberships