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Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Hello again everybody, sorry we’ve been a little quiet lately; we have been busy organizing our annual zoo event, which was held last Friday.

The event celebrated our clients’ environmental achievements and donations were made to our chosen charities. The highlight of the day was a visit by Max the eagle owl who was extremely majestic and with the exception of a minor “faux pas” (he had an accident all over the floor!) the event went smoothly.

So, in honor of majestic max, the eagle owl, this weeks’ blog is some fascinating eagle owl facts:

  • In Britain there are only a small number of pairs that are known to breed.
  • The scientific name for an eagle owl is Bubo Bubo (no I’m not joking!).
  • They are found across Africa, Asia, China, Europe, Himalayas, Mediterranean, Russia and the UK.
  • Eagle Owls are officially regarded as an alien because they are a danger to our own birds of prey. However, the World Owl Trust regards the species as British. In a compromise, they officially remain alien but as a resident wild bird are protected from being killed. Fossil evidence shows they were once native to Britain.
  • They most often eat rabbits or rats.
  • A fully grown female eagle owl is 8 times the size of a barn owl with a wingspan of two metres, more than half a metre high and weighs up to four kilos.
  • A breeding pair has a territory of several square miles and will drive off or kill other birds of prey

Finally, because we also saw some kangaroos, did you know they use their tail as a third leg?

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