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Friday 6th April 2018

Over the last two months our #ThrowawayCultureUnwrapped campaign has unravelled the stories underlying our obsession with disposable products. We’ve spotlighted some courageous campaigns and the latest innovations that are out there in the world, combating this problem. 

What did we uncover?

Our customers are doing wonderful work in the fight against bad plastics. We spoke to Jamie Poulton, of Randall of Aubin and learnt about his ‘Straw Wars’ campaign. Jamie explained that the tide against plastic straws is finally gaining momentum and many businesses are getting involved in the campaign by pledging to stop using plastic straws in their establishments. 
Single-use plastics is a sizzling hot topic right now. Our seminar ‘Single-use plastics and the circular economy’ sold out twice over. We also attended ‘Reinventing the Plastic Bottle’ hosted at Chatham House, which featured a hot line up of well-known stakeholders in the plastics debate.

When it comes to best-in class recycling, our wonderful customers at Derwent Tea Building really cut the mustard. A beautiful montage pic showcasing their top recycling scheme won them ultimate ‘zero waste champ’ status as part of our campaign competition. Enjoy your luxury reusables hamper, guys! 

Plastics certainly have their problems, but they aren’t always the enemy. They play an important role in our everyday lives. We need to value our resources and rethink waste. 

Zero waste bloggers are a fountain of inspiration. From them we learnt that it is possible to dramatically cut down on the waste we generate in our homes and the workplace, by taking small steps. At Paper Round HQ we recently switched to getting our milk delivered in glass bottles, reducing the amount of plastic waste produced. Overall, everyone can make a small change to reduce ‘throwaway culture’. 

Thank you and watch this space

Thank you for reading and joining in our conversations on #ThrowawayCulture. You can download our engaging guide, #ThrowawayCultureUnwrapped, which has been written to help transform the way you think about waste. Keep your eyes peeled for our next campaign in the coming weeks by following us @PaperRound

Jessica Parrilla

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