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Monday 12th February 2018

Valentine’s is a day to remind your nearest and dearest how much they are loved. Many of us do this with cards, gifts and food. However, the environmental cost of such devoted expenditure can be huge. 

So, to help you budding zero-wasters, we have compiled our best, environment-friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is the second busiest time for sending cards, with 13 million cards purchased each year. Inevitably these cards end up thrown out in a week or two, why not save some trees and try these instead?

1. Instead of buying a new card, make your own using recycled paper, old card folder dividers from around the house or using photos for the extra romantic touch. 

2. If you do wish to buy, then avoid buying cards with glitter or plastic coverings as these are non-recyclable. 

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Wrapping paper

1. Why not use recycled newspapers and personalise your wrapping creating tags from leftover ribbon, photos or beads from around the house. You could use newspapers dated February 14th for a special Valentine’s finish. 

2. Or if you do use wrapping paper do the “scrunch test” to see if its recyclable. Scrunch the wrapping paper in your hand, if it bounces back, it can’t be recycled. 

3. Use gift bags instead. These can be reused, so get more than one life. 

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The gift

Get creative, instead of buying your usual gifts that everyone expects, surprise them with something different this year:

1. Homemade treats. Whip up a batch of homemade cookies, brownies or cakes. You can personalise them too, making them all the more meaningful.  

2. Memories don’t harm the environment! A trip to a museum, exhibition, concert, or the theatre are all great ways to minimise waste and the perfect chance to spend quality time together.

3. Sustainable plants. Instead of buying a bunch of roses that won’t survive the week, you could purchase a proper pot plant. These can last much longer, to brighten your Valentine’s day for months to come. 

Source: Good Housekeeping,

Jessica Parrilla

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