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Thursday 12th September 2013

How much can change in a year? A year ago London hosted the Olympics, almost impossible to believe it was that long ago. We’ve been left with wonderful memories and a legacy of sporting success and sustainability. From a personal point of view, during this last year I became a grandfather and nothing has given me greater motivation to protect our environment. It’s interesting how our personal circumstances can change how we act. If you thought you had contributed in even a tiny way to the image above, would you change?

If you’re buying an unrecognisable brand or a white box, un-branded product, there is a good chance it’s from APP. Next time your copier tray is empty and you open that paper packet and pop a new ream into your machine, how much better would you feel if you knew you hadn’t contributed to the deforestation captured so poignantly above?

It’s a very small change that could make a very significant difference. My grandson, and all of our successors in the upcoming generations, would be very grateful. Maybe not today but in the years to come.

Image 100% closed loop paper, made from the paper we collect from London businesses like you every day, provides an assured ethical paper product you can be proud to use.

To find out more about buying back your recycled office paper and closing the paper recycling loop click here for more information or to request a friendly phone call from our team.

Many thanks from us both.

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