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Friday 20th October 2017

In 2016, we pioneered a total approach to colour-coded recycling schemes, with the launch of new bins, sacks and posters, all produced in line with national waste charity, WRAP’s, colour guidelines. Consistent use of colour is helping our clients recycle more confidently; it also makes the scheme accessible because everyone understands how to dispose of each type of waste, regardless of their first language. Our clients are seeing the benefits already.  They are achieving top recycling rates and avoiding problems with contamination.

WRAP’s head of resource management, Linda Crichton, has this week announced plans for a national colour scheme for all household waste and recycling bins in England.

They have opened a consultation for stakeholders to have their say on adopting a national colour scheme for household containers which can be found here: on WRAP's website (link opens in a new tab).This a great opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion on this framework.

Adopting consistent bin colours in households would help residents to recycle when they move to a new area, and could help them to recycle more in the workplace. So, here at Paper Round we support the consultation as a positive step forward to help improve recycling rates across England.

Check out some examples of our colour coded schemes below:

Paper Round can provide a fully colour coded scheme to suit your business

Jessica Parrilla

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