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Our work with Derwent London

Find out how we work with Derwent London and their 40 large offices in London

Introducing SustainABLE Hub

SustainABLE Hub allows building managers to offer tenants a pay-as-you-go service for a wider range of recycling services, ones that aren't usually offered as standard. This includes vegware compostables, coffee grounds, coffee cups and PPE.

  • Simply hire a drop front bin, then let your tenants know how to order sacks
  • We're already on site, so we can empty the bin when required
  • Your tenants will be able to recycle more and only pay for what they use - giving them full flexibility

How does it work?

  • Mixed paper recycling

    • Heavy-duty, woven sacks which fit a range of office bins
    • The sacks hold up to 20kg of paper, which is 4 times as much as our competitors' sacks
    • Collections from inside your workplace or your bin-store

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  • Can and plastics recycling

    • Orange-tinted polythene sacks for collections from inside your office
    • The sacks fit a range of bins to suit your office space
  • Cardboard recycling

    • We can collect cardboard in bundles labelled with cardboard recycling tape
    • Or in the blue heavy-duty, woven sacks- just keep your cardboard in a separate sack to your paper

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  • Food recycling

    • A great way to increase your recycling rate and improve your environmental performance
    • Select from various sizes of caddy or wheeled bins, to suit your needs

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  • Glass recycling

    • We can collect your glass in crates
    • Clean, empty crates are swapped for your full ones
    • Collections can be on a regular schedule or as and when you require

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  • General waste collections

    • Zero-to-landfill
    • For everything that can’t be recycled
    • We collect your waste in sacks or wheeled bins and send it to a modern energy-from-waste facility

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