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How should you store your batteries and vapes

Lithium and lead batteries need to have their contact points taped up with electrical tape. As do vapes with their batteries removed.

Reusable vapes must have their refillable liquid cannister removed where possible.

How do we collect?

  • Battery and vape box

    • Small, attractive and portable
    • Low cost
    • Convenient as we collect alongside your other recycling
    • Easy to assemble
    • Made of cardboard, so is recycled after use
    • You can buy one here
  • Battery and vape tube

    • Durable
    • Perfect for larger quantities or infrequent collections
    • We stock three sizes which you can buy here or rent by speaking to our Helpdesk team

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Batteries & vapes

  • Batteries & vapes step 1

    Collect and safely store all your used batteries and vapes using the above advice


  • Batteries & vapes step 2

    Place in battery and vape recycling box or tube


  • Batteries & vapes step 3

    Our vehicle will collect your batteries and vapes. They will be transported to a specialist recycling facility


  • Batteries & vapes step 4

    Valuable elements of the recycled batteries and vapes will be used to produce new batteries


How do we collaborate with you?

We've perfected our approach to working with our clients over the last 30 years to maximise their recycling rates

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