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What do we collect?

  • We collect

    • Flat-packed cardboard of all sizes
    • Cardboard tubes

    Please ensure your cardboard is clean and dry! Recycling wet or dirty cardboard is problematic and can mean it ends up as general waste.

    We’ve got various options which allow us to collect the volume of commercial cardboard waste you produce.

How do we collect?

  • Pre-paid cardboard tape

    • Label up bundles with tape - a simple way to recycle
    • Ideal for businesses that produce smaller volumes of cardboard waste, such as small office recycling
  • Wheeled bins

    • Conveniently store your cardboard & enjoy more space in between collections
    • Ideal for businesses that provide higher volumes of waste cardboard
    • Particularly suited to retail & distribution sectors
  • Roll cages

    • Efficiently store & move your bulky waste
    • Suits businesses which produce high volumes of cardboard
    • Ideal for the Retail waste management & distribution sectors
  • Blue cardboard sacks

    • Strong-woven plastic sacks that fit a range of smart recycling bins
    • Conveniently store bulky cardboard & keep your workplace tidy in between collections
    • Suited to storing cardboard in an office environment
    • Get collections from inside your workplace
  • Bales

    • We collect baled cardboard of all sizes. Install baling equipment on your site to gain great financial savings
    • Ideal for businesses who frequently produce high volumes of cardboard, such as the distribution sector
  • Cubic meter sacks

    • Strong & sturdy sacks that pack away easily
    • Workplaces of all sectors which are short on space

What happens to your cardboard recycling

  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 1

    Cardboard should be flattened to save space on your site and on our trucks


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 2

    Our truck collects cardboard from your premises


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 3

    Cardboard is baled at our yard before being sent for processing


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 4

    The cardboard is made back into packaging


Why choose Reccora?

  • Super easy to set up or switch
  • Competitive pricing and reliable collections
  • Exceptional support through our Helpdesk and Account Managers
  • Regular reports to visually see the impact of your recycling
  • Access to engagement resources on Real Recycling to educate your staff

Lets achieve Real Recycling together.

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Who needs commercial cardboard recycling?

Almost all businesses produce cardboard waste. We collect all volumes of cardboard from your business.

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Which areas do you cover?

We cover London down to the South Coast including Brighton, Sussex and Kent.

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Is it cost-effective to recycle cardboard?

It pays off to keep paper and cardboard segregated for recycling since the collection charges are usually significantly lower than for mixed recycling or general waste collections.

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Can all cardboard waste be recycled?

Yes, so long as it’s not contaminated.

Why can’t I burn cardboard waste?

Burning cardboard isn’t an appropriate method of disposal. Burning cardboard produces CO2, a key greenhouse gas, which drives climate change. Also burning it removes the opportunity for it to be recycled into new cardboard, which would help save the world’s resources.

How many times can cardboard be recycled?

Paper and cardboard can be recycled up to seven times which helps save on raw materials, water and energy to produce new cardboard.

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