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How do we collect?

  • Wheeled bins

    • Make storing & recycling your coffee waste simple. We can either exchange your bin for a fresh one, empty it or provide a hybrid option
    • Ideal for businesses with large volumes of waste coffee grounds, such as restaurants, cafes and in-office canteens
  • Large caddies

    Choose from 30 or 40 litre caddies:

    • 30 litre pedal bins: ideal for workplace kitchens to improve hygiene
    • 40 litre caddies: lined with a clear plastic sack and emptied directly
  • Worktop caddies

    • Caddies are lined with a bio-sack that can be emptied with ease into a larger bin, sack or caddy for collection
    • Ideal for small kitchens or tea-station areas
  • Kerbside coffee grounds sacks

    • Purchase upfront & get sacks supplied on a roll. Collections take place from the pavement outside your workplace (only available in certain areas)
    • Ideal for kerbside customers with limited storage space

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What happens to your coffee grounds recycling

  • What happens to your coffee grounds recycling step 1

    Waste coffee grounds are generated at your business


  • What happens to your coffee grounds recycling step 2

    Recorra collect waste coffee grounds in wheeled bins, caddies or kerbside sacks


  • What happens to your coffee grounds recycling step 3

    The waste coffee recycling truck collects waste coffee grounds from your premises and transports them to the Envar factory


  • What happens to your coffee grounds recycling step 4

    Envar recycles waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals


  • What happens to your coffee grounds recycling step 5

    Envar produces pellets used for heating buildings


Why choose Recorra?

  • Enjoy flexible collections that are easy to adjust if your business needs change
  • Keep your employees motivated to recycle more with detailed reports
  • Get resources to provide your employees with the knowledge to recycle better
  • Achieve your business sustainability goals and get closer to net-zero

Let’s start harnessing the power of your coffee grounds and build a better future.

It’s easy to get started. Just tell us a bit about your company and you’ll get your free no-obligation quote.

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Who is your service for?

Coffee ground recycling is ideal for any organisation serving lots of fresh coffee, such as the hotel and restaurant sector. If your staff are office-based you may also have bean-to-cup machines that are producing waste.

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Which areas do you cover?

We cover London and the South Coast, including Brighton, Sussex & Kent.

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Want to know if our coffee recycling service is right for your business?

No problem, please provide us with a few details and a friendly adviser will get in contact.

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Why can’t I put coffee beans in general waste?

Disposing of your coffee into general waste with another supplier could mean it ends up in landfill. Here, they release greenhouse gases such as methane which is significantly more harmful than carbon monoxide in global warming.

What are biofuel pellets used for?

Biofuel pellets are used to provide heat for buildings. Coffee logs can be used on multi-fuel stoves as an alternative to logs (unfortunately they don’t smell of coffee when burning though!)

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