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What can happen if I don't set up a general waste collection?

  • Breaking the law. All businesses have a duty of care in relation to waste management. You must have an arrangement in place for the collection and disposal of your general waste with a licensed waste management provider, such as Recorra.
  • Danger to health and safety. Waste can very quickly build up which poses a real danger to your staff and/or customers.
  • Run the risk of fines. Your waste is your responsibility, and if you’re not having it collected responsibly you run the risk of being fined

How do we collect?

  • Kerbside waste collection sacks

    • Easy-to-use plastic sacks for storing your general waste. Purchase upfront in rolls
    • Ideal for customers with minimal storage space
    • Convenient collections outside your workplace
  • Wheeled bins

    • For larger producers of Paper, Cans and Plastic Containers (Dry Mixed Recycling)
    • Large storage capacity between collections
  • Portable and static compactors

    • Simply store in your loading bay or storage area
    • Ideal for very high volumes of general waste

What happens to your general waste

  • What happens to your general waste step 1

    Anything that can't be recycled goes into our general waste sacks or bins


  • What happens to your general waste step 2

    Our specialist vehicle will collect your general waste from your premises


  • What happens to your general waste step 3

    Your waste is then transported by barge which saves 100,000 heavy goods vehicle movements from London's roads each year


  • What happens to your general waste step 4

    Your general waste is taken to a modern energy from waste facility where it is converted into energy


  • What happens to your general waste step 5

    The energy generated goes back into the national grid to be used by homes and businesses


Why choose Recorra?

  • Enjoy flexible and reliable collections based on your business needs
  • Get free staff engagement materials to educate your staff on what goes in each bin
  • Monitor performance to keep your employees motivated with detailed reports that showcase your achievements
  • Super easy to set up or switch
  • Exceptional customer service

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Who needs general waste collections?

All businesses produce some form of general waste, and therefore need regular collections. We will work with you to design a waste management strategy based on your organisation’s needs. From small offices to large enterprises, we’ll help you save costs and comply with your legal requirements.

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Which areas do you cover?

We provide general waste collections to businesses all over London and the South Coast, including Brighton, Sussex & Kent.

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Not sure our general waste collection service is right for your business?

No problem, please provide us with a few details and a friendly adviser will get in contact. We offer personalised plans to ensure you choose the most cost-effective services.

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What is a commercial waste collection?

Commercial waste collection is the disposal of general business waste. We do not use landfill as a destination for any material, instead we transport the waste by barge to a plant on the Thames. This energy-from-waste facility incinerates the waste and recovers the energy which is then sent back to the National Grid. This reduces the need for fossil fuels to be used to create this amount of energy, thereby reducing the environmental impact of your waste management policies.

Can electronics be put into general waste collections?

No, please see our Electrical Equipment recycling service instead. Items with batteries are a particular danger to our equipment and staff and a specialist service must be used.

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