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How do we collect?

  • Kerbside glass recycling sacks

    • Ideal for if you have little or no storage space
    • Extra-strong plastic sacks
    • Supplied on a roll and purchased upfront
    • Collections take place from the pavement outside your workplace (only available in Greater London)
  • Glass Crates

    • Ideal for collections from inside your workplace
    • Regular or ad-hoc collections are available
    • Keep your glass neat and tidy between collections
    • We swap your full crate for a clean, empty one on each collection
  • Wheeled bins

    • Freshly washed bins are exchanged for your full ones
    • Protect your staff from broken glass with the special design

What happens to your glass recycling

  • What happens to your glass recycling step 1

    We collect your glass bottles and jars in wheeled bins, sacks or crates


  • What happens to your glass recycling step 2

    Our specialist vehicle will collect your glass recycling from your premises


  • What happens to your glass recycling step 3

    Your glass is taken to a high tech glass reprocessing facility where it is crushed into cullet and sorted to remove contaminants


  • What happens to your glass recycling step 4

    The cullet is used in the manufacture of new glass bottles here in the UK


  • What happens to your glass recycling step 5

    We recycle glass bottles of any colour and size


Why choose Recorra?

With easy access to waste collections that can be booked at the touch of a button, our dedicated sustainability team work with you to improve the efficiency of your glass recycling.

You’ll also get the following benefits:

  • Start saving money quickly, glass is heavy and therefore costly in general waste
  • Super easy to set up or switch from your current supplier
  • Get a speedy no-obligation quote
  • Exceptional customer service through our Helpdesk and Account Managers
  • Reliable and safe collections
  • Improve your recycling rates - glass can be recycled indefinitely

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Who can benefit from commercial glass collections?

We improve the glass recycling rates for the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants and hotels. But we can help any business that requires regular or one-off glass collections.

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Which areas do you cover?

We provide collections across London and the South Coast - including Brighton, Sussex and Kent.

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Want to know if our glass collections are right for your business?

We’re more than happy to offer free advice. Simply get in touch to speak to a friendly adviser who’ll be able to help.

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Can all glass be recycled?

Unfortunately not. Pyrex for example has a higher melting point, so cannot be safely recycled. Similarly crystal drinking glasses should be kept out of glass recycling. The main constituents of our collections are all types of bottles and jars.

What can recycled glass be turned into?

Recycled glass is typically repurposed into new bottles, jars, and containers.

How many times can glass be recycled?

Infinite! Glass can be recycled again and again, so please ensure it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Let’s recycle together to build a better future

We have improved the glass recycling rates for businesses of all sizes from many sectors, and are confident we can improve yours too.

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