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What can go wrong without dedicated hazardous waste collections?

Hefty fines and risks to your business reputation.
Not only could non-compliance land you a hefty fine, but it could also negatively impact your business’s reputation (which would inadvertently carry its own costs).

Relying on guesswork.
The law is complex, and without dedicated experts managing your collections for you, you could be breaking the law without realising it.

Risking the health of others.
Without safe collection, you’ll be harming wildlife, the environment and human health. It’s your responsibility to not let this happen.

We know that safe hazardous waste disposal can be complicated, so we're here to help you comply.

What do we collect?

  • Fluorescent tubes

    Fluorescent tubes contain mercury which is a toxic heavy metal that can cause severe damage to health.

  • Paint, chemicals and solvents

    The fumes from chemicals such as paints or brake fluids can be a fire and health hazard.

  • Batteries

    Batteries containing lead or mercury are hazardous. Laptop and rechargeable batteries are also hazardous.

  • Mineral oils

    Apart from edible oils, all oil is considered hazardous.

  • Compressed gases

    Compressed gases are hazardous because of the high pressures inside the cylinders.

  • Acidic & alkaline materials

    These materials are corrosive, therefore require specialist disposal.

  • Solvents

    There are a large range of solvents which are hazardous due to their high reactivity.

  • Liquid waste

    This can be difficult to dispose of due to viscosity, therefore must be treated with care.

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Why are some materials classified as hazardous?

Certain substances or materials are classed as hazardous if they, or the material or substance they contain, are harmful to humans or the environment.

What are the types of hazardous waste?

Hazardous wastes can be fluids, solids, gases or discarded commercial products (e.g. cleaning fluids). They can also be the by-products of manufacturing processes.

What does hazardous waste disposal mean for your business?

If you have any items that are classified as hazardous waste, you are required by law to separate, store and dispose of them safely and keep written records of the waste.

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