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Electronic equipment and the environment

  • Improper electronic processing can have detrimental impacts on our environment, affecting sea, land, air and wildlife

What happens to your IT and electronic equipment?

  • Infographic of IT and electrical equipment

    Redundant IT and electrical equipment is generated at your workplace


  • Infographic of truck collecting electrical equipment

    Our specialist truck collects your equipment in a tracked vehicle operated by staff vetted to BS 7858


  • Infographic of electrical parts

    Your equipment is taken back to our specialist unit where it is assigned a unique asset number and assessed for repair and reuse. Broken equipment is disassembled into its constituent parts


  • Infographic of data being wiped from electrical devices

    All equipment containing data is wiped with Blancco data wiping software, to ensure your data is protected


  • Infographic of report confirming destruction

    We provide you with a report detailing all equipment disposed of and data-wiped, for your complete peace-of-mind


  • Infographic of good quality equipment being reused

    Working items are sent for reuse and the precious metals from disassembled pieces are used to manufacture new equipment


How do we collaborate with you?

We've perfected our approach to working with our clients over the last 30 years to maximise their recycling rates

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