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How do we collect?

  • Kerbside sacks for paper, cans & plastic containers

    • Easy-to-use plastic sacks for storing your mixed recycling. Supplied on a roll and purchased upfront
    • Ideal for businesses with little or no storage space
    • Get convenient collections outside your workplace
  • Wheeled bins & liners

    • For larger producers of paper, cans & plastic containers
    • Wheeled bins provide ample storage in between collections
  • Portable and static compactors

    • Perfect for storing in your loading bay or storage area
    • Ideal for businesses that produce very high volumes of mixed recycling

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What happens to your Mixed Recycling containers?

  • What happens to your Mixed Recycling containers? step 1

    Use our colour-coded bins and sacks to store your mixed recycling containers


  • What happens to your Mixed Recycling containers? step 2

    We collect mixed recycling containers from your business using our specialist truck


  • What happens to your Mixed Recycling containers? step 3

    The valuable materials from your mixed recycling containers are separated at our facility


  • What happens to your Mixed Recycling containers? step 4

    New products are made from your waste, including reusable plastic bottles


Why choose Recorra?

  • Enjoy flexible and reliable collections based on your business needs
  • Get free staff engagement materials to educate your staff on what goes in each bin
  • Monitor performance with detailed reports that showcase your achievements
  • Get total transparency about where your mixed recycling has gone
  • Super easy to set up or switch
  • Exceptional customer service

Let’s improve your recycling rates together.

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Which areas do you cover?

We cover London and the South Coast, including Brighton, Sussex and Kent.

Find out if we service your postcode here

Not sure our dry mixed recycling service is right for your business?

No problem, please provide us with a few details and a friendly adviser will get in contact. We offer personalised plans to ensure you choose the most cost-effective services.

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What is dry mixed recycling?

Dry mixed recycling is an easy to implement and cost-effective recycling service for businesses. It includes the recycling of paper, cardboard, metal cans & plastic. We prefer to call it Paper, Cans and Plastic Containers (PCPC). This name describes exactly what can be put in, increasing awareness and recycling rates!

What does dry mixed recycling (DMR) mean?

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) describes different types of clean and dry materials which can be recycled and repurposed into other products, giving them a useful second life.

What can’t go in my DMR bins?

We call our mixed recycling service Paper, Cans and Plastic Containers as these are the only things that should be put in a DMR bin. Please keep general waste, black bag rubbish, liquids, food, wood, glass and coffee cups out of your dry mixed recycling, they can contaminate a batch and ruin the hard work of others who have recycled the correct items.

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