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How do we collect?

  • Pre-paid sacks

    • Each roll has 10 prepaid sacks ready to be collected anytime
    • Transparent sacks to help you spot anything that shouldn’t be in there
    • Low cost and convenient
    • Requires a small amount of space for hassle-free storage

What happens to your textiles and clothing?

  • Sacks filled with textiles and clothing

    Your business received and fills our pre-paid sacks with textiles and clothing


  • Truck collecting sack from client site

    Our trucks collect the sacks from your site and transfer them to our Materials Recovery Facility in Purfleet, Essex


  • Items transported to TRAID for sorting and allocation

    The items are transported to our partner, TRAID in Wembley, London for sorting and allocation


  • Local charity shop, organisations and textiles processors

    TRAID will transfers them to a local charity shops, local organisations, and textiles processors within the UK to manufacture them into cleaning products


Why choose Recorra?

  • Enjoy flexible and reliable collections based on your business needs
  • Get free staff engagement materials to educate your staff on what goes in each bin
  • Monitor performance with detailed reports that showcase your achievements
  • Get total transparency about where your mixed recycling has gone
  • Super easy to set up or switch
  • Exceptional customer service

Let’s improve your recycling rates together.

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Which areas do you cover?

We cover London and the South Coast, including Brighton, Sussex and Kent.

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