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Introducing Scrummi towel recycling – our new compostable service

Friday 24th March 2023

Find out about our new partnership with Scrummi, which will take your compostables to new environmental heights.

Celebrating International Women's Day

Wednesday 8th March 2023

This international day, some of the women of Recorra share their experience of working in the waste management industry.

bio-bean: harnessing the power of spent coffee grounds to safeguard our planet

Monday 13th February 2023

At Recorra, we visited our brilliant coffee ground recycling partner bio-bean in Cambridgeshire. Read all about their brilliant work in this blog.

Living with Tinnitus: Our perspective

Tuesday 7th February 2023

This tinnitus awareness week, Recorra’s Head of Sustainability, Rory Capper and Principle Cleaning’s Head of Sustainability, Shannon Berry share with us their real-life experience of living with the condition.

No smokes without fire

Thursday 26th January 2023

Vaping is on the rise. In the UK alone, we buy half a billion vapes a year and bin a massive 3 million of them every week; enough to cover 22 football pitches. Find out what the ethical implications of this are.

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